Den Lotus 40 hier hab ich als Mitbringsel für die DM mit :)

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Geschrieben von Matthias Parke am 26. Oktober 2021 17:50:34:

Based on a fantastic Fein-Design Kit, East-German fasted Slotracer Falk Reichbott redesigned the Lotus 40 into the Pink Stamps Version.
It was a pleasure to help him for these project 10 years ago.
Dark Blue Metalic/Light Blue is one of my favorite Color combination.
Colors are from Haithabu Slotracing
I build these car for the DSC-DM (German Masters) at Esslingen near Stuttgart next weekend.
Chassis was the Hekla 62 by Haithabu Slotracing .
Tyres, axles, Fire Extinguisher, Rim Rings, Belts and Driver Head too.
Front and Rearflaps are scratch build with 0,3mm Aluminium.
Rims, Motor and Gear is by JP Professional Slot Racing Parts.
All other parts like Decals, wheel inserts, Exhaust, Rollcage, Driver, Windows etc are from the fantastic Fein Design Kit Lotus 40.